Getting ready for your session.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that I receive in the lead up to your session. Please have a read and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions or worries.

What do I need to bring?

If your session is at a creek or beach, I recommend packing a towel and change of clothes, something warm for everyone. If you plan to wear heels, I do suggest bringing flats, as most locations require a brief walk on unsteady ground. Please keep in mind that I do ask for a lot of movement during sessions, so it may be best to avoid the heels altogether. Snacks and water is great for the littlest family members and bug spray - With the outdoors comes mosquitoes, ants, ticks and more. The last thing I want is you being uncomfortable or to take any unwanted critters home. So I do ask all clients to wear spray containing DEET.

I will bring with me a selection of blankets and rugs for sitting photos as well as an assortment of bug sprays (bushman's/Aeroguard and a plant based natural one).

The session is at my child's dinner time - What should I do?

Unfortunately sunset can be rather late and interrupt the normal nightly routine for little ones, however, the light, the warmth and the glow really is worthwhile. I recommend feeding little ones on the way to the location and if you are worried about them creating a mess, I would suggest changing once you have arrived. I also recommend packing some clean and easy snacks. There is always time for water and food breaks, I often will focus on the parent shots during this time, so do not fret.

I do advise however, to try and not let little ones fall asleep on the drive to the session. From experience I have found that children who have woken and had time to wake properly before the session, always are more happier to do so. So if your little one does fall asleep on the drive in, I would suggest waking them 15minutes before you arrive.

We don't feel comfortable in front of the camera -

will you tell us what to do?

I have rarely come across any person who will willingly jump in front of my camera and strike a pose and thoroughly enjoy doing so without any direction at all, myself included. When someone asks to take my picture I become an awkward sweaty mess instantly. That is why during my sessions I take a laid back approach. Our time together is more like a casual chat and hang. I always start off by taking the traditional family photos first, then I ask that you all focus your attention on one another, interacting, talking, playing, tickling and cuddling with one another all the whilst talking, asking questions and getting to know you. I find that this helps to alleviate any awkwardness by giving you a task or action to perform, and by the end of the session, we no longer will feel like strangers, instead feel like friends. When required, I will often prompt or lightly ask you to pose in a particular way, but I will always offer full guidance and direction.

How long until we have our gallery?

My gallery turn around time is approximately 4-6 weeks. In peak periods this may be longer but I will be in touch regarding any delays. Your gallery is created with time and love, with each individual image edited by hand. These pictures are not a one-click process.

How will I receive my gallery?

Your gallery will be delivered to you via an online gallery. First you will receive your watermarked proof gallery for you to select your final images. Once chosen, or if you have selected an all inclusive package, or upgraded to a complete gallery, the final images will be delivered for you to download in high resolution JPEG format, watermark free. Galleries will only be online and available for a finite amount of time. Please remember to download your images and save them in a safe place. Once galleries have been removed, an archival re-upload fee may apply.

Can I have the RAW images?

No. Long story short, I do not offer RAW images. Raw images are a file format and require particular programs to be able to open and access them. When hiring my services, I assume you have chosen me for my creative style and artistic eye. Therefore giving any unfinished/unedited or Raw images is not a true representation of my style of work or branding.

Any last minute advice?

Yes, just have FUN! Make the most of it of your time together during our session. And most importantly DO NOT STRESS. It is not everyday that you have a photo shoot and the main reason you have booked this session to capture your story at this time in your lives. This is allocated time to love on one another, show your appreciation and affection and just enjoy one another's company. The purpose of the session is to remember the fleeting moments, to capture your perfectly imperfect unique story - and yes, sometimes that moment is teething and drool, hyperactive children and comforting cuddles.

So the best piece of advice I can offer is to relax and not stress on the day. I completely understand that a child’s behaviour during the session is not a reflection of their normal behaviour, after all I am a stranger, we are doing something completely new, and if they want to hug you - that's fine, If they want to run off and play - that's fine, If they don’t want their picture taken to begin with -that is also fine. I have an assortment of tricks up my sleeve to get the images, and being the mum of a very independent and spirited toddler, I can relate to the anxiety and angst. Just go with the flow, relax, laugh it off and focus on having a good time. Don’t worry about a hair being out of place or a speck of dirt, just focusing on genuine connections and interaction is what creates the most heartfelt galleries.