Location Guide

How to choose a location.

When it comes to choosing a backdrop for your session there are a few things to consider. What sort of scenery were you wanting your images to reflect? Is there a location with a special meaning for you and your family? Do you often spend your weekend at the beach or are you an adventurous family that likes to explore amongst creeks and overgrown landscapes? Or did you picture yourself in a wide open field with visible horizons, beautiful views and long grass? Deciding what appeals most to your sense of self is important when selecting your location so that you can feel as comfortable as possible during your session.

I have a vast range of locations I frequent all around Brisbane, as well as a few gems on both the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. To help in narrowing down location selections, I tend to ask if you would prefer the following

  • Field location
  • Creek Location
  • Beach Location
  • Wooded Reserve Location
  • Adventure Style Session (restrictions apply)

*Travel costs may be incurred for particular locations.

From here, we can then discuss which area is closest to you and together find the best fit for you and your session.

I am always on the look out for new and exciting landscapes to offer clients, so if you have a preference in particular, let me know and we can chat about your vision and together we can make some magic happen.

Please Note: upon signing your contract with Chasing Solis photography, you have agreed to a non-disclosure agreement, to not discuss the locations I use with third parties. If any one is wanting to know the locations I have to offer, please refer them to me directly so I can discuss the locations with them. Thank you.

Why can't the session be at my local park?

Having your pictures professionally taken is not an everyday occurrence and I strongly suggest breaking away from wanting your images taken at your local park. You have chosen me for my style and overall emotion that comes with my photos, including the unkempt and rustic backdrops, sunsets and scenery that I use to add dimension, interest and depth to your images. Whilst I do understand that sessions with little ones around sunrise or sunset at a distant location can be a logistical nightmare, please keep in mind that this is a once-off occasion and I will endeavour to make it worth your while with the final product.

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